About this page

My name is Lauren and I'm the founder of Rockshore Accessories. I own and run the business with my partner Calvin from our home in South Wales.

I make all of the products that we sell on our website by hand.


Recently I have started learning polymer clay sculpting in my spare time.

I started a Facebook page called 'Lauren's Clay Giveaways' where I have been giving away my polymer clay makes.


I have had a lot of people asking to purchase my makes so I've made this extra page on our website where I can sell my creations.

I am still learning this skill and am not a professional sculptor so there may be blemishes and imperfections on my creations. I will try to represent these as accurately as I can in my product photos 

You can find any items that I currently have for sale at the bottom of this page.

Below is a link to my giveaway page on Facebook in case you would like the chance to win one. I run giveaways every week!

Thanks so much for visiting my page! 

Lauren x